What happened to the lights along Front St. in Harrisburg?

HARRISBURG, Pa – (WHTM) – Front Street in Harrisburg has been in the dark for weeks. What caused it and when will the problem be fixed?

During the mid-day sweltering August heat, Charles Roberts shuffled along Front St. using his cane, to complete a few errands. Roberts, who lives on Front St., said the daytime is the best option to venture out.

He said the recent darkness with streetlights being out has kept him indoors at night.

“They should get it fixed as soon as possible,” he said. If not, they’re going to have either a bad car accident or somebody on the construction crew getting hit…It could end up bad.”

Others have complained about the Front St. lights, which are out from Division St. to Seneca. Harrisburg City Engineer Wayne Martin said the problem began when PennDOT crews struck an underground wire wile resetting curbs.

He said the problem stemmed from the old wires being exposed and not placed in conduit. Martin said PennDOT requested the City shut off the power until the work is complete.

On Monday night, ABC27 ran into an LED company representative who traveled from New Jersey to check on the performance against other competitors. He said he was disappointed he made the drive to see nothing but darkness.

Martin forwarded a work order whereas PennDOT would replace the old wire and put the new wire in protective conduit. Crews began the work on Tuesday between Shamokin and Wiconisco.

The work order is scheduled from August 18th to 27th, but crews believe it would be a few more weeks until the lights could be turned back on.

Roberts said given his condition, he would stay indoors to avoid slipping into a construction trench.

“It wouldn’t be hard to miss a step where I’m going,” he said. “[I could] step into a hole or something.”

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