Tennessee celebrates with little girl after no one comes to birthday party

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Spring Hill community came together Saturday to make a little girl’s birthday wish come true after no one showed up to her party.

Lauren Sassmannshausen put out the call for help on Facebook after none of the 30 invited guests, who had RSVP’d, came to her daughter Taliyah’s birthday party.

Taliyah Sassmannshausen turned 5-years-old on Sunday. (Photo: WKRN)
Taliyah Sassmannshausen turned 5-years-old on Sunday. (Photo: WKRN)

“I had sent out a couple of reminders a week prior and everybody was like, ‘Yes, we’re still coming.’ I said I’m getting the food; I just need one last head count,” Lauren said.

Once the party began at Taliyah’s grandmother’s house, only a few adults had arrived, Taliyah’s aunts and her mother’s friends.

“My daughter was asking every five minutes when her friends were going to be here. I was just in tears. I never thought that many people would not show up. It just hurt me,” Lauren said, adding, “She kept asking me when her friends would be there and I kept saying, ‘They’re coming baby.’”

After an hour had passed and no other guests showed up, the mother decided to post on the “I heart Spring Hill” Facebook page asking if anyone wanted to come celebrate.

“It is seriously breaking my heart, we have PLENTY of food and drinks. We don’t care about presents, she just wants friends… We have a huge inflatable water slide and pool for all the kids to play in. PLEASEEEE come have fun!”

Within 10 minutes of posting, people began showing up. By the end of the day, more than 75 guests attended Taliyah’s party.

Spring Hill birthday party
The 5-year-old’s mother posted to Facebook asking the community to come out to her daughter’s party. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Taliyah’s father, Jeffrey, said, “Every time she met someone, she was like ‘You’re my new best friend.’ She had fun with everyone.”

“It just made my heart melt how people who don’t even know us care so much to make her birthday memorable,” Lauren added. “I’ve never seen her smile so much.”

Taliyah, whose nickname is Tallie, turned 5-years-old on Sunday.

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