Students head back to school in the Harrisburg School District

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Class is back in session in the Harrisburg School District. It’s the first district in the Midstate to get started.

About 6,500 students in the district began classes Monday, including more than 400 kids at Downey Elementary School.

Volunteers from the “100 Men Greeting” welcomed the students back to school. The group is made up of community leaders, businessmen, and even Harrisburg Police Chief Tom Carter.

“We hope to accomplish that the students see we care, and we are still a part of them,” Carter said. “We are here as a resource for them to help them in any way possible.”

Many students, including Downey Elementary 3rd grader Imani Jackson, already know what they want to accomplish this school year.

“I want to do good and have good grades like As and Bs and not get any Cs or Ds,” Jackson said.

Darnise Anderson-Davenport walked her two sons, Christian and Josyah, to their first day of school.

“They’re really good here at Downey with making sure the kids are okay and having a sense of independence,” Anderson-Davenport said.

Downey Elementary School Principal Travis Peck said his school helps students reach their goals by learning to become good leaders.

“The students in my building, I want them to find their voice,” Peck said. “Every child has a voice. Regardless of what it may be, I want them to find their voice, and we’re going to help them. They should remain positive because the sky’s the limit.”

Imani Jackson found her voice at Downey Elementary School and knows where she wants to go in the future.

“I want to go to college, and my mom doesn’t want me to get bad grades,” Jackson said. “I want to get good grades because I can get awards from good grades.”

The district has 55 new teachers this year, for a total of around 600 teachers.


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