Red Land fever sweeping the Midstate

Red Land is heading to the Little League World Series. This is the first local team to play in Williamsport in 25 years and community support is overwhelming.

The Red Land team may be from York County, but people across the Midstate are rooting for them as their home team.

“Everybody’s catching the Red Land Fever,” said Jim Janovich, Red Land Little League Player Agent.

Even Governor Tom Wolf showed his support in a Tweet.

“Congrats to PA’s Red Land Little League who are headed to the Little League World Series after a Mid-Atlantic championship win Sunday,” Wolf said.

The team has gotten so much attention they decided to sell t-shirts.

“For everybody to have a piece of it. For everybody to feel like a part of it,” said Nate Ebbert, who is making the shirts. “We know everybody’s asking what can we do to help with the money? We want a t-shirt. We want to be able to represent Red Land when we go up there.”

The front of the shirt touts the state championship title. The back has the team motto, which has turned into a hashtag, #whynotus.

“I mean I think they decided on doing it when we started the practices this year. Why not us,” said Ebbert. “We can. Little Red Land can make it to the Little League World Series and make a stir.”

The team is making a stir not only here in the Midstate, but also across the country.

“We’ve had people from all across the nation asking if we can ship orders,” said Janovich. “Something we’re not doing right now, but maybe will be doing in the very near future. Something we have to set up the logistics and how we’re going to do that. We’ve had t-shirt orders and requests from as far as California.”

The t-shirts were a grand slam, with more orders than anticipated. They had to stop taking orders, for now.

“I don’t know how we’re going to get them all done. We’re going to give it a try,” said Ebbert.

“It’s just surreal. It’s amazing,” said Janovich. “I wish the entire team, the families, everyone just the best of luck.”

York Barbell is also pitching in. They plan to donate 1,000 rally towels for fans to wave in Williamsport.

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