Caught on Camera: Burglar strikes Carlisle store three times this year

Picture from surveillance video shows person that the manager of a Carlisle store says is burglarizing the business.

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Three times this year, after manager Sadat Temore locks up the Carlisle Food Mart at 10 p.m., the store gets an unwelcome visitor.

“He takes only, like, two minutes, and then he’s gone,” Temore said, “so by the time the police are here, he’s gone.”

Temore’s store is equipped with several surveillance cameras, and he’s caught the repeated burglaries on tape. He showed the videos to abc27 News on Monday, a day after the third break-in.

The burglar’s routine appears the same every time: He comes in with a mask on and a bag in his hand, and fills it with cigarettes and other merchandise.

During the first burglary, Temore said he took lottery tickets, too. And during the third, on Sunday night, he got cash.

And these aren’t your average smash-and-grabs — at least not the first two. The thief unscrewed the glass from the door and a window to get in.

“The last time we put some extra protection on the door, so he can’t come in the door,” said Temore.

That meant over the weekend, he smashed the window. Store employees think it’s the same guy every time.

Police are investigating, but the manager said that doesn’t do much to ease his employees’ fears that it may happen again while they’re still working.

“The third time this happened,” he said, “then we are very worried about that. Like, it’s been two weeks and this happens again.”

Anyone with information should contact Carlisle Police.