York motorcycle group rallies to stop the violence as members remember victims

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Stopping the violence, the killing — that’s what a group in York is working toward, and they have a particularly loud way of getting their message across.

It starts in a north York neighborhood. Just off the road, on a wall next to Rosalynd Nevin’s house is a mural smiling toward the sidewalk.

“He had a smile that would just lighten up the day,” Nevin said. “You know, he just, when he said he loved you, he loved you.”

Nevin lost her son Lance Sease in 2012; he went out with friends one February night.

“He got up and he said, ‘Mom, I’ll be back,'” she said. “And he never came back.”

Lance was shot sitting in his car a few blocks from his home, a 21-year-old victim of violence. One of his friends painted the mural of him.

It happened after he applied to college, as he was preparing to take admissions tests. His daughter was a baby; she’s 4 now, and doesn’t know her father.

“If you haven’t been in my shoes, then you could never imagine the feeling of getting that phone call and never seeing your child again,” Nevin said.

“It’s been three years now, and I’m just waiting for him to walk through the door or call me. And it’s not happening.”

She said over time, friends start to move on, forget. But in the road in front of her house Sunday was evidence of a group that never has.

“It lifts me up every time they come through,” Nevin said, “because my son loved to ride bikes.”

A group of bikers burned out their tires in memory, leaving black marks on the pavement, and sending the smoke skyward.

Then the group continued their ride through the streets of York before ending up at Lincoln Park, where they encouraged families to gather for games and a cookout.

The group, consisting of members from multiple motorcycle clubs, was led by the 253 Ryderz Motorcycle Club.

Their goal with this 4th annual ride — plastered on a member’s truck that followed the riders — ‘Stop the Violence.’

“Everyone’s gotten so immune to it: ‘Oh yeah, another kid got killed this week; oh another one got shot this week,'” said Garland Martin, a club member who goes by the road name “Saint Nick.”

Through city streets, the group hoped to attract kids to bikes.

The group’s founder and president, Gregg Clark (“C-Note” to his fellow members), wants to get them out of gangs, out of trouble, and into productive clubs like his.

“They’ll find the fun, they’ll find the camaraderie, they’ll find the brotherhood,” Clark said.

“And hopefully it’ll work,” Nevin said. “You know, stop the violence, bring the community out together to enjoy it.”

With at least nine homicides recorded in York County so far this year, the group hopes the stop comes soon.

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