‘Punks for Positivity’ cleans up trash each week in York

Punks for Positivity is a non-profit organization that gets together in York each week just to pick up trash – no complaints.

It’s not dumpster diving but the group is digging, literally, for trash.

“When I was little my mom use to have to smack my hand to get me to stop because I would just pick up trash when we were walking through parks and stuff,” Steve Klinedinst, co-founder of Punks for Positivity, said.

Fast forward a couple of years and Steve’s feelings haven’t changed much.

“For years I blamed everyone else and said  ‘oh there’s trash some one should pick it up’ and enough of my friends got tired of me griping about it, saying ‘why don’t you just pick it up’,” Klinedinst said.

So that’s what he did. Each week Steve picked up trash off the streets. He only spent a couple of hours doing it, but the dirty deed started sweeping in others.

“Steve told me one night that he randomly goes out and picks up trash in the city, and I told him I’d be down to help,” Dustin Hildebrand, co-founder of Punks for Positivity, said.

As the word began to spread, trash piled up.

“If we leave it go, it’s just going to get worse the kids aren’t going to be able to have a safe place to do anything to come and here and sit or walk to school, walk to the store, so we need to make it clean and safe for them,” Ashley Hamby, who is helping to clean up trash, said.

Dozens of neighbors are pitching in. Even kids began doing their part.

“You get to help people,” Neiko Newell said.

It’s a load of garbage that’s bringing strangers out of the dumps and into streets.

“If two guys do it, it doesn’t take long for everybody to catch on and just start doing their part to help out as well,” Soji Otuyelu, who is helping to clean up trash, said.

But the satisfaction doesn’t just come from just lending a hand, it comes from this pile of trash.

“I was born and raised in York this is my city too. I feel like I should take part in it,” said Hildebrand.

The group meets every Sunday in York. If you’d like to get involved, visit Punks for Positivity’s Facebook page here.

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