Budget stalemate complicates financial aid for students

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – As Donunshae Sanders is getting ready for her junior year at Millersville University, she faces a bit of uncertainty.

“There’s a lot of us that are kind of ready to graduate that don’t have the funds to pay for these classes out of pocket,” she told ABC 27 News.

With no state budget, the PHEAA grant, which is a state grant, is at a standstill.

“The state grant won’t be disbursed until a state budget is decided,” said Dwight Horsey, Director of Financial Aid at Millersville.

Horsey told ABC 27 News that’s a problem because students often rely on that money to help pay for their education. He said at Millersville University, that money can cover almost a third of a student’s tuition, which they typically see in the form of a refund.

“They can use that money to the other educational related expenses they have,” Horsey said. “Those can include rent or books and for some transportation.”

With no grant money to distribute, Millersville University is giving students credit for the money they expect students to have.

Horsey said in emergency cases, they can loan students the money they need.

“That doesn’t mean the university won’t feet the impact of that because the university is fronting money,” he told ABC 27 News. “That means they’re not getting their money. That could create some issues for the institutions, but for the students we’re going to try to mitigate that impact for them.”

Horsey said he expects to see more issues come up as the stalemate continues.

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