The Rise and Fall of Kathleen Kane

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – In January 2013, Kathleen Kane was all smiles and hugs as she was sworn in as the first woman and first Democrat elected Pennsylvania attorney general, and fortune smiled on her that first year.

In February of that year she blocked a contract by Governor Tom Corbett to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery. In March, she announced a pay-to-play conspiracy on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. In July, she refused to defend the state’s Defense of Marriage Act.

Kane’s star was on the rise. She was mentioned as a possible Senate or gubernatorial candidate.

Then came 2014.

Kane was criticized for not pursuing a case in which Philadelphia lawmakers were caught on tape taking bribes. She called it unwinnable, but Philly’s district attorney has gotten convictions.

Candidate Kane criticized the previous AG’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation, but in June she conceded she was wrong.

In November, Kane was criticized again when the Turnpike case ended with no one going to jail.

She also testified before the grand jury in an investigation that resulted in the charges she directed a leak of confidential information and lied under oath to cover it up.

The AG’s office is in disarray, according to numerous reports. There’s no denying that this soaring star burned brightly briefly before flaming out dramatically.

Kane insists she’s innocent. She’s vowing to fight the charges and insists she won’t step down despite repeated calls to do so.

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