Lawmakers call for impeachment of AG Kane

While the Republican-controlled legislature and Governor Wolf still can’t find common ground on a budget, both seem to agree when it comes to embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

On Wednesday, the Montgomery County District Attorney announced nine charges against Kane, including felony perjury.

While Kane says she will, “defend herself vigorously,” and plans to plead not guilty, she has been asked to step down by lawmakers and the Governor himself.

If she refuses, there is talk of impeachment.

Daryl Metclafe (R) – Butler County, says the Supreme Court could step in and remove her license. He said, “criminal defendants are not entitled to be attorney general.” And many of you agree.

Abc27 posted a poll asking “Should AG Kane Step Down?” As of Friday morning, more than 460 people had answered. 70% of responses said yes, 30% said no. Click here to cast your vote.

While talks of impeachment swirl around the Capitol, other lawmakers still feel resignation would be Kane’s best choice.

Senator Rob Teplitz (D) – Dauphin/Perry Counties says resignation would restore credibility to the office.

“There is a greater public interest here which is to make sure there is a fair and impartial administration of justice carries on and that goes to that very issue and to me. That is why I think the resignation is important,” said Teplitz.

Kane is the second Pennsylvania attorney general to face charges. In 1995, Ernie Preate Jr. (R) resigned after pleading guilty to mail fraud. He served a year in prison.

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