Burglary suspect killed in police-involved shooting in Lebanon County

CAMPBELLTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – One man is dead following a burglary and then a police-involved shooting in Lebanon County.

Investigators said the incident started at the Horseshoe Pike Gun Shop, on State Route 322, where they responded to a burglary alarm at the business.

“The gun shop owner told me he actually arrived when the perpetrator was coming out of the business and police told him to stand back that they would handle it,” Eric Leas, who lives in Campbelltown, said.

A broken window at the back of the shop shows a possible exit for the suspect.

According to investigators the suspect, who they said was heavily armed with guns from the shop, was chased into a nearby soybean field … and that’s where shots were fired.

Lebanon County District Attorney, Dave Arnold didn’t say who shot first, be he told ABC 27 News police exchanged fired and killed the suspect.

“I do know for a fact that he fired a shot because we have the casing recovered,” he said.

Arnold said none of the officers were shot. He said this was an instance where they were forced to make a quick decision.

“Here they encounter a man they know is stealing guns,” he said. “One would assume he is armed. He turns out to be heavily armed. I just hope people consider how difficult it is for officers to make those decisions.”

Investigators said they were able to they were able to recover a large amount of the guns stolen from the shop.

Neighbors told ABC 27 News this is an incident they won’t soon forget.

“It’s kind of scary when this stuff goes down right outside your back door,” Mike Yeignst, who lives in Campbelltown, said. “I have a wife and children too and you have to worry about them.”

Investigators didn’t immediately release the name of the suspect or the officers in the shooting.

Officers from the ATF were spotted inside the Horseshoe Gun Shop Monday combing through evidence.

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