Community raises money for fire chief battling cancer

A man who spent his life protecting others is getting help from the community he served. A fundraiser was held at the Triangle Car Wash in Carlisle for Chief Greg Bretzman, who is battling cancer.

The signs outside of the car wash say ‘fighting the fight’ but this chief has been doing that for more than 30 years.

“When I get to meet most people it’s on their worst day, and I’m trying to make a better part of that day,” said Chief Greg Bretzman of Dickinson Township, who is battling stage four kidney cancer.

Now the tables have turned. The support for Chief Bretzman is spreading like wildfire

“You just think you’re a common ordinary guy until people start coming up to you and wanting to hug you and thank you for what you’ve done. It’s just been great,” said Chief Bretzman.

Chief Bretzman had his kidney removed in February and still suffers from heart and lung complications.

“When you meet him you’re not going to notice that,” said Todd Hockley, Manager of the Triangle Car Wash in Carlisle.

He pushes through every day with no complaints.

“When he can’t breathe or he’s really down, I’m down with him. but I try to keep him positive, and keep on moving on,” said Christine Bretzman, Chief Bretzman’s wife.

Members of the Triangle Car Wash decided to give back, donating 25 percent of the proceeds earned over the weekend.
“Watching a guy like that run command of a fire call, scene, I admired that. He was in control of so many peoples’ safety and their lives and he did it without blinking,” Hockley said.

And he still does.

“The toughest part is not being able to crawl in the fire truck and go out the door whenever the bells ring,” Chief Bretzman said.

For now he’s got extra help fighting the fight.

Chief Bretzman plans to continue going to treatments. If you’d like to donate you can drop by the Triangle Car Wash or at the Citizens Fire Station in Mount Holly Springs.

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