Columbia appeals ruling to allow nude dancing at strip club

COLUMBIA, Pa. (WHTM) – It didn’t take long for borough officials to appeal a judge’s ruling that allows nude dancing at a strip club.

The recent ruling allows dancers at Club Good Times to bare it all, but ABC 27 learned Monday that Columbia officials have filed an appeal.

“I was very disappointed when I heard the judge’s decision,” Columbia Mayor Leo Lutz said. It goes a little beyond the use. It goes to the neighborhood. If you look at that neighborhood, you’ll see degradation of that neighborhood.”

For years, Club Good Times has been at the center of controversy while trying get its dancers to go full nude.

Borough officials maintain there is an area in the borough already zoned for that, but not at its current location.

However, the ruling claims there is no zone that allows live adult entertainment in Columbia, and for now dancers will be going full nude.

“The quality of life in that neighborhood has been lost,” Lutz told ABC 27 News. “The only way to bring it back is to basically to move that establishment out of that location.”

While Lutz said it’s also a quality of life issue, other neighbors like Nicole Neal say they don’t have a problem with the dancers leaving little to the imagination. Neal also says Club Good Times isn’t the one to blame for the neighborhood issues.

“That happens everywhere,” she said. “You can’t really point a finger at Club Good Times.”

Sherry Metzger, who lives across from the club, said she wouldn’t mind seeing it go somewhere else.

“There are a lot of kids (around here) and that’s nothing for kids to see,” she said, “and the elderly people who live in the building where I am at, they’re not going to want to hear that crap either.”

It’ll be months, if not longer, until a decision is reached on the appeal.

An attorney for Club Good Times told ABC 27 News that he’s optimistic the decision will stand.

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