Steelton complies with Right to Know Law after pressure from abc27

STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) – The Borough of Steelton is making some changes in transparency after a series of abc27 stories exposing violations of Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law.

The law requires municipalities to post information about the statute, with instructions detailing how citizens can make open records requests on their websites.

Several weeks ago, abc27 noticed Steelton did not have that information posted.

After several phone calls and stories, abc27 reporters got the Office of Open Records involved.

The Borough of Steelton has now posted the required Right to Know information on its website.

On Monday, abc27 tried to send a Right to Know request to the new email address listed on the site.

The email bounced back. After alerting the Borough Manager, the error was fixed.

abc27 is also looking at other transparency concerns.

One of Steelton’s city council members says she hasn’t seen records of meeting minutes in more than a year.

The most recent minutes on the website are from 2013, and when abc27 went to the borough office to ask for the documents, the Borough Manager said they would only be released with a Right to Know request.

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