Smaller trash cans will be available in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – City officials say smaller trash cans will be available by request in a few weeks.

The smaller cans also come with a change in monthly rates.

Hauling her city-issued trash can 20 feet can be a struggle for Rose Womack. Womack, who lives in the Old Fox Ridge neighborhood, kept her previous trash cans in her fenced-in backyard. After she received a 95-gallon toter from the city, she decided to keep the can on the corner.

“I try to get them in the back, but it’s too much work,” she said. “So, I just leave them here.”

Officials announced Monday that the city has completed the main roll-out. More than 14,000 homes have received a new black garbage can on wheels and blue recycling barrel.

Most people have adapted to the larger toters, but there is a sizable voice on social media with people throwing complaints about the size, so much so that the city has offered clarity on the availability of smaller cans.

Besides the standard 95-gallon can, the city will offer a 65-gallon and a 35-gallon can.

However, city officials made it clear they will review requests on a case-by-case basis and decide if homes qualify for smaller cans. People without adequate space or those physically unable to manage the standard cans may contact the city. The smaller cans should be ordered in a few weeks.

Additional cans and exchanges are free, but a combination of cans could impact your monthly trash rates. The city will charge refuse and pickup based on the usage of up to six bags of trash, the capacity of a 95-gallon can, but anything beyond that amount will result in an additional charge of $32.34.

A resident with two 35-gallon cans, for example, would be charged the basic rate of $32.34 because the two cans equal six bags of trash, but a resident with an additional 95-gallon toter would be charged $64.68.

People can use and request as many recycling barrels as needed free of charge. Mayor Eric Papenfuse has said he would like residents to use the larger cans for a while before asking for smaller cans.

For those in dire need to downsize, the city said people can call 311 to process their request.

Womack said despite the struggles with the heavier can, she needs the larger size.

“Every week I have a lot of trash,” she said.

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