Residents oppose York’s new bike lanes

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Contraflow lanes are designed so cyclists can ride safely against the direction of traffic, but people living on King Street say it’s doing the opposite.

“I don’t know why it’s configured like this and not configured like this anywhere else in the city,” said Steve Powell, who is against the bike lanes.

Powell helps his mother get in and out of the car at her home on King Street, but with the new contraflow lanes, he says it takes twice as long.

“When she gets out of the vehicle, according to these lanes, she’s in the middle of traffic,” Powell said.

The new lanes let cars park on both sides of the one-way street, with bike lanes on each side.

“There’s not really a good side to get out of, you’re either going to get hit by a car or either by a bike,” Steve’s mother Madelyn Powell said.

The city added the lanes to ease traffic and promote healthy living.

“These have been used in other cities throughout the country and they’re proven to be much more safe than the typical painted bike lanes put on the right-hand side of the road,” said Craig Walt, a community health specialist for the city.

Residents are still asking why.

“They made this safe for bikes, but how often do you see a daily commuter out here?” Powell asked.

After two hours, one cyclist pedaled past.

“It’s not really user-friendly for the bikers in the city, and actually it’s just more inconvenient than anything because you’re still trying to navigate and you don’t have a straight shot,” cyclist Shawn Lauer said.

Taxpayers say it’s a waste of money.

“This avenue is not really used for bikers and stuff like that, and if it is used it’s used by kids and they’re mainly on the sidewalks or going in the wrong direction with them anyway,” Phillip Hicks said.

The contraflow lanes were put in place several weeks ago. City leaders are still working to determine how effective they are.

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