Rescued dog from Philadelphia recovering in York County shelter

DILLSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Speranza Animal Rescue just rescued another pit bull from the Philadelphia area.

His name is Jefferson.

He sufferend major burn wounds.

Janine Guido leads the Speranza effort.

She thinks someone may have thrown grease or a chemical on the dog.

Guido says she had to go get the dog from the Philadelphia facility, because they had not space, and it was likely that Jefferson would have been put down.

“His picture was shared with me,and then as soon as I saw him, and heard what happened,” said Guido, “I was like, I need to get this dog, because it was unlikely, he would get out of the shelter”

Jefferson is being treated with antibiotics and pain medication at the Dillsburg Veterinary Center.

Back in May,Guido brought back a pit bull named Mona Lisa.

The dog was used as a bait dog in a Philadelphia dog fighting ring.

She suffered major damage to her nose and mouth.

Mona had reconstructive surgery on Friday and she will have another surgery next week.

Guido says Speranza is a non-profit and they need support to help provide care for more dogs.

For more information, log on to


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