Carlisle police say problems persist with move to county 911

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Carlisle police say they continue to have communication issues with the county’s dispatch center.

Carlisle closed its own police dispatch center last year and began sending calls to Cumberland County 911 after a study found the move would save money, improve access to technology, and wouldn’t put officers at risk.

Police officers told council members last night that communication issues have resulted in cases where officers were dispatched to the wrong homes. In other cases, they said misspelled names in the system resulted in more time spent on paperwork and less time on the streets.

“Through no fault of their own, they’re simply not able to give us the attention, the individual attention or focus that we were able to have when he had one-on-one,” police Chief Stephen Margeson said.

Cumberland County’s Department of Emergency Services made some improvements last year, including the hiring of several new part-time employees.

“I think think with any changes, there’s certainly going to be bumps in the road,” Public Safety Director Robert Shively said. “We’ve had a lot of lessons learned for both police and 911 and we certainly will work with open communication to get improvements.”

Margeson admits there’s no going back to the old system where the borough handled its own police calls. He says his department can work with the county to improve service.

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