Candy Shop Goes Retro

Retro is in! Whether it be clothes, cars, or even candy. There’s one shop in Cumberland County that’s satisfying the sweet tooth of many generations.


Walking through the doors of Georgie Lou’s Retro Candy Shop in Carlisle sends you back in time.


“For me it was something that I wanted to bring back because I know downtown Carlisle used to have a lot of great candy stores,” said owner Stephanie Patterson Gilbert, “We wanted to do something here where people could come and start having conversations with each other about the penny candy store, you know around the corner when they were growing up.”


Patterson Gilbert came up with the idea.


“Pretty much if your parents or grandparents were eating it, it’s retro,” she said.


She works hard to make sure the shelves are stocked with your old favorites. Keeping it all here is a family affair.


“I work the cash register,” said Patterson Gilbert’s son Tom, “Or I restock candy. Occasionally I do truffles and fudge.”


Patterson Gilbert’s sons pitch in to make sure mom’s dream comes true.


“I think it’s really cool,” said Tom, “I support her all the way through.”


Family is important to Patterson Gilbert. They gave her the inspiration to open this throwback.


“I have heard my mom talk about them,” she said, “The Palace, The Sugar Bowl, and you know places kids used to go and hang out and eat candy and listen to music on the jukebox. It is kind of an interesting thing to have a dedicated candy store in town.”

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