Heavy rainfall shuts down roads, floods basements

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) –  Even though the heavy rain has stopped for now, overnight some roads shut down because of high water.  Police and rescue crews were out all night around the Midstate.

We got reports of several water rescues in Cumberland and York Counties, mostly people stranded in cars. However this morning it appears the majority of the high water has receded.

Cars were flooded out around the area and we got word many people were driving into high water.  Streets were turned into rivers and some basements were flooded.

In York County, the Dillsburg area was hit hard.  Crews closed roads and worked to get people out of their houses and cars as the water rose. A house also partially collapsed on Chestnut Street in Dillsburg the family got out okay.

Despite the high volume of rescues around the Midstate, there have not gotten reports of any serious injuries.  Roughly 400 people lost power overnight in nine counties nearby.  It is currently under 100 now. Fifty-seven of them here in Cumberland County.

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