Can Sesame Street replace preschool?

It is summer camp at The Goddard School in Mechanicsburg.

“They are being exposed to fun learning experiences,” education director Shannon Hanor said.

The students learn their ABCs, but they also get some other life lessons.

“They are also learning classroom rules and how to get along with their friends,” Hanor said.

A new study from Wellesley College and the University of Maryland claims Sesame Street is just as good as preschool. Especially for boys, minority children, and kids in low income homes. While most experts agree Sesame Street has its value, they also have a warning.

“I think Sesame Street is an outstanding program. It is highly interactive, it’s engaging for children,” child psychologist Dr. Tammy Hughes said. “We should have extreme caution in thinking that somehow a face-to-face interaction with a trained teacher that is looking at the individual needs of your kid can be replicated with a single kid sitting in front of a television screen. I think we should use more common sense than that.”

Sesame Street first hit the airwaves in 1969 and now airs all over the world.

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