Blessing Trails, LLC promotes random acts of kindness

Blessing Trails is a fun, interactive way to encourage random acts of kindness.  It is a way for one blessing to become many blessings.

A Trail Starter would purchase a Blessing Trails bag. They would then go to to create an account with an email address and a password. Then they would log-in their trail by using the unique tracking code located on the tag inside the bag. They get to name the trail, dedicate it in honor of or in memory of someone, rite a comment and record their location.  Then they choose someone whom they would like to bless and they put an item in the Blessing Trails bag.  They give the bag to that person.

That person will keep the item in the Blessing Trails bag for themselves then go to the website and create an account. Next, they will use the same tracking code to log their location and write a comment.  They will then repeat the process and it just keeps on going blessing many people.  Each person on the trail will receive email updates as to where the bag is located.

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