Police looking for suspects in Harrisburg weekend shooting

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Harrisburg police are investigating two incidents of shots fired one block apart.

First shots were fired at 13th and Kittatinny streets. Our crews were rolling when the second round of shots were fired.

According to our photojournalist, a man started running towards him and fired three shots. When he saw the barrel of the gun, he immediately dropped to the ground for cover.

Sgt. Gabe Olivera said roughly eight shell casings were found at 14th and Kittiany streets. The shell casings appeared to have come from two different guns.

A neighbor told us they saw a man running down 14th Street, followed by another man shooting a gun. Residents say their lives are at risk every day.

Residents were also outside during the second round of shots.

“He was running so fast. And all I see is boom, boom, boom. I said ‘get in the house now,'” a neighbor said.

The sound of gun shots still ring in peoples’ mind. The fear is deafening.

“I pray for my safety every day,” another neighbor said.

People who did not want to go on camera tell us the violence isn’t unusual.

“This is the worst area I’ve seen in my life,” the neighbor said.

But they feel it wasn’t always this way.

“When I first got here it wasn’t like this but now it’s getting worse and worse and worse. Every time I turn around somebody is getting shot or getting stabbed. It’s not right,” the neighbor said.

Police ask you give them a call if you have any information regarding the suspects.

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