Remembering the faces of the Vietnam War

“All those individuals that are on that wall, it’s quite a moving event I think. No matter when you go, no matter how many times you attend, the same thing happens.”

Brigadier General Jerry Beck reflects on the significance of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. It contains the names of 58,000 soldiers who were killed.

The state needs your help placing faces with those names. It’s part of the “Faces Never Forgotten” campaign. The state along with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is working to identify all the Pennsylvania soldiers listed on the wall.

“It helps with their legacy, absolutely,” said Beck, “It gives somebody an opportunity to see who that individual was. You’re not just looking at a name.”

Beck was a teenager during the war.

“I remember them coming back to the church and bringing the coffin through the church,” he said. Beck says it’s important to remember their contribution and sacrifice.

“This is again the time when our Vietnam veterans came home, they were not welcome home,” he said, “This gives us an opportunity now to say welcome home, thank you for your service to our country, the great thing that you did, and this is just an opportunity for us to do that again.”

Of the 3,000 Pennsylvania service members killed in the Vietnam war, nearly 600 of them remain faceless. Many on that list are from the midstate.

There is a list with the names and counties of the soldiers who don’t have pictures. You can browse that list, and take a look at the complete wall of faces.

Faces Never Forgotten PA:

Wall Of Faces:

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