Midstate woman takes advantage of a second chance to appear in Playboy

Kaylia Cassandra was born in North Dakota and moved to the region when she was 8.

The Red Land High graduate says she had big dreams when she was growing up, and last November, she got a call from Playboy asking if she would be interested in submitting photos for playmate consideration.

Kaylia says it was her second chance to make it.  She was told two years earlier, that she was not what they were looking for.

“It was discouraging, because I just was not good enough, said Cassandra, “It was a hard challenge for me.”

Cassandra says she took her training to another level, before she sent the photos, and a short time later she got that thumbs up from the man who founded the magazine.

“My pictures had to be submitted to Hef,”  “And Hef needed to say yes for me and he did.”

Kaylia is Miss June 2015. She says her shoot in Los Angeles took more than 12 hours to complete.

She is looking forward to getting her degree and pursuing other interests that may come her way, as a result of her Playboy experience. 

Kaylia says Playboy is not for everyone, but she is glad that she reached her goal.


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