11 arrested in undercover prostitution investigation

Lancaster Police arrested 11 people during a four hour undercover investigation.

On May 29, the Selective Enforcement Unit launched an undercover investigation to target a neighborhood where residents reported prostitution and illicit and illegal behavior.

During the investigation, an undercover officer posed as a prostitute.

Nine men were arrested and charged with criminal solicitation to commit prostitution. Those arrested include Charlton Brown, 51, Vincent Burns, 50, Jose Davila-Rolon, 27, Charlot Germain, 27, Earl Groff, 77, George Jones, 79, Joan Munoz, 39, Hector Ramirez-Guzman, 41 and Jeffrey Stanley, 56.

Stanley is also facing drug charges for reportedly agreeing to a sex act with the undercover officer and using cocaine as a form of payment. After his arrest, police say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

During the investigation, police say 37-year-old Lakesha Alicea-Gray recognized the undercover officer from previous police contact. Alicea-Gray reportedly began yelling the officer was a “cop.” She was arrested and several packets of synthetic marijuana were found on her.

David Alvarado, 44, was also arrested during the investigation. He is charged with public drunkenness.

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