Steelton swears in first full-time female police officer

STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) – A Dauphin County borough is a couple of cops stronger; two new officers were set to start their jobs with Steelton police Tuesday.

And Monday night as the pair was sworn in, one made borough history.

She grew up in the Midstate and now she’s back to police it.

Dory Thompson is the borough’s newest police officer. Not only is she the only woman to be sworn in Monday, she’s the only woman ever to hold her job.

Thompson is Steelton’s first full-time female police officer.

“It’s something, you know, I thought about for a long time,” Thompson said of her budding police career.

She grew up in Lancaster County.

She moved away for a few years and now the 34-year-old mother is back with her police academy diploma in hand.

“The department just kind of drew me in and the town of Steelton, I don’t know, just seems like a great place to be,” she said.

The stepdaughter of a state constable, Thompson said she’s ready to wear the badge.

“We can do the job just like men can,” she said.

Her daughter thinks she’s ready, too.

“She’s very loving and caring. She helps a lot of people,” said 10-year-old Maddie. “I’ve seen her do her work before, and she’s very good at it.”

Maddie might not follow in Mom’s footsteps – she said she wants to be a vet – but Thompson hopes her new position gives girls like her daughter the opportunity.

“I know it’s big shoes to fill,” said Thompson, “but I know that I’m ready for the task. I’m ready to meet the community and be out there on the streets.”

The department has had female officers in the past, but they were only part-time. Thompson will be the first to police the streets of Steelton full-time.

She said she hopes she can bring a different perspective to police work, one that her male colleagues can’t.

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