Central Dauphin parents upset over potential school switch

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Parents in the Central Dauphin School District love West Hanover Elementary school, so much so that the building is running out of space. But now some parents say they’re upset about a proposed solution that would require their children to change schools.

“I can’t imagine having to start over,” Brigitta Scheib told ABC27.

She says her young daughter has high anxiety, but has finally settled into her routine at West Hanover.

“I don’t think she would understand that all of her friends are still at her school, the school she loves, and she has to go somewhere else,” Scheib said.

“We love West Hanover so much,” Scheib said. “My child is devoted to the principal, Mr. C, and his staff. It’s a special place for those of us who go there. And a lot of us moved to this area specifically to go to that school.”

The district is looking at four options to help manage a shortage of classroom space. The one that would affect Scheib and her daughter involves moving attendance lines so 91 students switch from West Hanover to Linglestown Elementary. Other ideas include adding a modular unit, transferring incoming kindergarten students to Linglestown, and increasing class sizes.

Scheib says she wants what is best for the entire district; that’s why she does not believe displacing 91 students is the correct solution.

The school board discussed these options last week, but many parents say they didn’t know about the meeting and still haven’t been notified by the district. However, several say they’re planning to speak at this Monday’s 7 p.m. meeting, when the board will vote.

“They need to stand up for what they believe in and make sure their voice is heard,” Scheib said.

ABC27 called and emailed district representatives on Wednesday afternoon. By Wednesday night, none of those calls or emails had been returned.

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