KKK flyers show up on Perry County doorsteps

As residents along Main Street in New Bloomfield got ready for the Memorial Day parade, they found something disturbing on their doorsteps.

“It’s kind of sickening if you think about it,” said Tyler Barlup.

“They just litter the streets with this junk,” said Heather Barlup.

The junk being referred to was small bags thrown quietly on doorsteps.  Inside was a letter with a specific and direct message that read, “We the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are looking for patriotic White Christian American men and women.”

“I was like ‘nope, I don’t want this stuff around here,’ but they were lined up all over main street here,” said Barlup.

Bags containing the same message from the KKK were found on Main Street in New Bloomfield well into the evening. As a mother or two, Barlup told abc27, she along with her neighbors had concerns.

“He said the same thing, we don’t want that around our children,” said Barlup.

On the flyer a phone number was listed with a Maryland area code. We attempted to reach out, but nobody answered.

“I was appalled. I just looked at it and it’s 2015. That’s the thing; we’re so far ahead from where we were, I can’t believe it’s still happening today,” said Barlup.

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