Waynesboro Hometown Heroes

Waynesboro is nestled in south central Franklin County. Scott Hershberger is with Main Street Waynesboro Inc. A group that promotes the borough’s beautiful downtown and those who call this place home.
“There’s a lot of people in this area who have served or who have family members who have served.” said Hershberger. One man who calls Waynesboro home, Vietnam veteran Denny Martin. Martin went to war at age 20.
“The memories of that year I carry every day and this helps me to let some of those thoughts out.” said Martin. The “this” he is talking about, banners that line main street, featuring Waynesboro Area Hometown Heroes. “We limited to men killed in action or ultimate sacrifice. They’re the real heroes of war.” said Martin. Martin teamed up with Main Street Waynesboro Inc. to put up these banners of honor. Martin got the idea while visiting another Pennsylvania town, getting right to work finding the families of the fallen.

“We were originally shooting for 60 or so banners we’re up to 81. A lot of the families that have men who were killed in action sponsored banners.” said Martin. For those heroes whose families could not be found-a fundraiser-raised their banners. Two men on the banners, Martin knew personally. “One gentleman I saw when I was over in Vietnam and he told me his wife had a son on his route out here. Running down the man on the banners I got a chance to meet his son for the first time. It was pretty touching. ” said Martin. Waynesboro hopes you will visit and view
it’s tribute.
“See the red, white and blue. See the faces of the people who never made it home and just take a moment and pause and realize how good we have it here in America and these people are responsible for that” said Hershberger.

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