Harrisburg students receive royal visit

HARRISBURG, Pa– (WHTM) A group of Harrisburg students are getting world-wide attention for their part in a unique project.

King Togbe Afede  XIV of Ghana paid them a royal visit.

The students are learning about aquaponics. It’s the process of raising fish and using that water to grow food. It then using the clean water that produces and cycling it back to the fish.

“This is my first time seeing this in real practice. We’ve talked about it, i’ve only imagined it, but you have made it possible,” said King Afede.

International company Aggreco along with local non-profit Wheelhouse are working to spread this system around the world.

Students gave King Togbe a step-by-step lesson on how their system works. In return, King Togbe told the kids of his own humble beginnings.

“I have a mother who was a peasant farmer, ” said King Togbe.

Togbe is a graduate of Yale University and a very successful businessman. he says the aquaponics system will revolutionize food production in his country.

The king said he treasured his first ever visit to Pennsylvania and called the Harrisburg students he met inspiring.

The kids received a valuable lesson and a day they’ll never forget. “It made me feel amazing to know that the work that we are doing is going to help developing countries develop faster and have better economies, ” said Maryah Burney, an 8th grade student.

The king plans to leave and head back to his country by the end of the week. Once there he plans to discuss the system with his other officials and he hopes to have an aquaponics system in place in Ghana by the end of the year.

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