Family raising money for diabetic service dog

Meet Reilly. If you ask him to do some tricks he might give you a run for your money – because he’s got an even bigger job.

“Make sure our blood sugar doesn’t go low or high,” Zak Hershey, a type one diabetic, said.

Zak Hershey’s pancreas stopped producing enough insulin to keep his blood glucose between normal range two years ago. Since then he’s pricked his fingers more than five thousand times, which means a huge life style change not only for Zak; but the entire Hershey family.

“We went from being a very spontaneous family eating whatever we wanted, running to baseball, now a little bit more strict on when we eat and keeping that kind of schedule going,” Amy Hershey, Zak’s mother said.

But now they Hershey family needs a little bit of help. Zak’s numbers should be between 80 and 180, but he doesn’t always feel when his blood sugar is above or below that.

“My husband and I are up everyday at 12 and 3 am just checking to make sure he’s okay,” Hershey said.

But that’s where Reilly will help cut the family a break.

“Reilly is trained to give a paw to alert that the blood sugar is off, and the family reinforces that afterwards by rewarding Reilly if Zak’s blood sugar is out of range,” Erin Coulter, service dog trainer, said.

Originally, Amy gave herself a goal of three years to raise the money for Reilly. He costs 25 thousand dollars but with the incredible support of friends, family, and complete stranger, she’s only two thousand from paying him off.

“The scariest part is that i won’t know that he’s low and we’ll be in the hospital and you can lose him,” Amy Hershey said.

But for now, Amy is taking each day one at a time praying for just a little piece of mind.

To donate to the family click here:

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