Dauphin County Commissioners offer help to sinkhole victims

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The homeowners who’ve been plagued by sinkholes on South 14th Street are now getting tax rebates for two years.

Dauphin County Commissioners voted Wednesday to waive their county tax this year and refund last year’s. Residents whose homes are now worth nothing can get a new property value assessment for free.

Commissioner George Hartwick says the county feels for those impacted. “Hopefully providing direct and immediate relief to those individuals who have been struggling is at least going to be a small help for folks,” Hartwick said. “We want to let them know that we’re paying attention and we understand their concerns.”

Hartwick says he would like the City of Harrisburg and the school district to offer some kind of tax rebate for the property owners.

Zenoria Owens has lived in her home for 34 years, but she says it’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep because of the unstable ground. Owens says she appreciates the gesture from the commissioners.

“It’s a nice gesture, but it will not help me keep my house,” she said. “Eventually, I’m going to have to leave my home, and that hurts.”

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