State Police investigate officer-involved shooting

Police say they received several 911 calls Wednesday morning, one from a woman saying her brother-in-law was shooting at her husband.

Police say shots were fired between two cars at Smith Court on the Susquehanna Trail. After that, the two men ended up in an open field behind several homes on Sylvan Court.

One of the guys reportedly took off while the other tried to unsuccessfully break into two homes on Sylvan Court. He then went across the street and broke into another home.

When police with the Northern Regional Police Department arrived, an officer noticed the basement door open, went in the house, and was shot at by the 22-year-old suspect. The officer returned fire, hitting the suspect. The officer was not injured.

“At this point we don’t know his motive for number one possessing a firearm, number two using that firearm, one would think if he fled his vehicle he was looking for a place to hide or escape,” said Trooper Ed Ashbury.

Police say the suspect managed to get to the garage of the home where he jumped on a motorcycle. Before he could get away, the officer tackled the man to the ground.

The suspect was taken to York Hospital. His condition is not known.

Police are still looking for the second person involved in the initial fight.

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