DEP responds to Lemoyne dust problems

An ongoing road project on Herman Avenue in Lemoyne, Cumberland County, has created a lot of dust.

Every time a car drives by it kicks the dust up making Donald Zimmerman afraid to breathe in the dirty air.

Zimmerman says he’s on antibiotics and they are not working, “It feels like I have a sinus problem, my head is full, my nose gets full and my throat is sore.”

Donald called the State Department of Environmental Protection.

After a number of complaints, an inspector visited Herman Avenue on Tuesday and spoke to Lemoyne’s Borough Manager about some solutions.

A spokesman for DEP, John Repetz, says “There are certain things they can do such as putting water on it and there are some products that have been approved that can suppress the dust over a longer period of time.”

Repetz says another solution is to lower the speed limit.

While those are possible solutions, residents are ready to something happen now.

Zimmerman says, “I think we’ve put up with it since February, I don’t think we should wait a week or two weeks. I think it should be done tomorrow, something should be starting tomorrow.”

The DEP says they will check back to make sure the problem is being dealt with.

Repetz says, “We trust that the borough is going to go back and take some reasonable action to get this situation under control.”

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