AG: Don’t get scammed by summer jobs

Attorney General Kathleen Kane wants to warn high school and college students of potential scams regarding summer employment opportunities.

Kane encourages the students to consider the following when searching for employment:

• Be wary of offers that promise high earnings for jobs requiring little skill. Big paychecks for minimal work may sound great, but these offers are usually too good to be true.
• Never provide money up front to a potential employer. If an employer requires that you pay for training or education, do your research to verify that the coursework is legitimate.
• Ask for details of the job in writing, including work hours, duties, wages and payment terms. If the potential employer refuses to provide this information, consider it a “red flag” and seek employment elsewhere.
• Thoroughly research every potential employer. Verify the physical address, telephone number and business license. Just because a company has a website or social media presence does not make it legitimate.
• Protect your personal information. Confirm that a company is legitimate before providing your Social Security number or banking information.

Consumers with questions about possible employment-related scams should call the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at (800) 441-2555.

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