Battling tree pollen allergies

Spring is here. The trees are blooming and although they look pretty the tree pollen can be a real pain for some people.

“I am sneezing, coughing, headaches,” said Andrew Kaehler of Harrisburg.

“I have asthma so sometimes its hard to breath, my eyes water, my nose is always itchy and I sneeze,” said Jessica Poorman of Marysville.

Dr. Robert Zuckerman has been in the allergy field for 30 years and says this is a busy time for his practice, Allergy and Asthma Specialists of Harrisburg.

“Approximately 30 percent of people have allergies and of that 30 percent at least 10 percent have asthma,” said Dr. Zuckerman. “You are born with the tendency to have allergies, but there are certain factors that come into play such as a viral illness as well as environmental exposure and those are the things that kick you into the symptom of allergy.”

Mild to moderate allergies can be treated with over the counter medicines.

“Not only are antihistamine over the counter but the nasal steroids are over the counter and you can pick that up and that is extremely helpful for most mild to moderate cases,” said Dr. Zuckerman.

Those with severe allergies or asthma should see a specialist to get an allergy shot or an inhaler.

While the warm weather may tempt you to open the windows, the Doctor says it is best to keep them closed.

“When you open up your windows everything you are allergic to flies into your house and do not line dry your clothes because when you have your clothes outside it acts like a magnet for the pollen,” said Dr. Zuckerman.

Tree pollen will last through May, followed by weed and grass season.

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