Security expert: ATM ‘skimmers’ go unnoticed

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Two men are accused of ripping off bank customers in Spring Grove.

Police said Jeshua Paonessa-Velez of York placed a skimming device on an ATM to steal bank card information. He is in custody, but another suspect is not.

Police said thieves typically place skimming devices on ATMs after a bank closes and pick it up before it opens. The device is equipped with a card reader and saves banking information on a memory card when a debit card is scanned.

John Sancenito, president of the private investigation and security consulting company INA, said many people think skimmers are part of the ATM.

“They think that they’re just using their ATM machine,” Sancenito said. “They feed the card through and it feeds into the machine. They punch in their PIN number, but usually the device has a hidden camera or they mount a separate hidden camera nearby that actually captures them putting in the PIN number for their card.”

Sancenito also said if you think your ATM might have a skimmer where you insert the card, just give it a wiggle because it will usually pop right off. He also recommends you frequently check your bank statements and credit reports.

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