Carlisle police invite public on ride-alongs

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Starting this week, Carlisle Police Department is inviting the public to ride along with officers in an attempt to improve community relations.

Police say they already have positive interactions with the people of Carlisle, but they’re looking to build upon that.

“Under the current climate throughout the United States, there’s been a certain strain between communities and police in those communities, which we fortunately have not experienced here,” Chief Stephen Margeson said. “This is a proactive step.”

Anyone who wants to do a ride-along can visit Carlisle’s website,, and fill out a form. Police say people can ride along when they like, and for as long as they like. If the situations are safe enough, they can even step out of the car and observe.

“A sort of generalized response or reaction is, ‘Wow, I never knew that kind of stuff happened or that our police were dealing with these issues,'” Margeson said.

People in the community say they’re eager to see how this would work.

“For instance, if I did a ride-along, I could see where there might be issues that I can address to the park committee, and they could bring it up to the borough,” resident George Boychock said. “The more involved you get, the more influence you have.”

Margeson agrees.

“The police department cannot handle the crime problem, fight crime and solve crime alone,” he said. “It takes cooperation and communication between members of the community and the police.”

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