Quick-acting tick test created by Pa. woman

Most of us at some point have had a run-in with ticks. Sherry Bender of Williamsport did and she had Lyme disease for eight years before being properly diagnosed.

“It started out with the really bad headaches, and I went to the family doctor and he said it was migraines,” said Bender.

But it was not headaches, it was Lyme disease, and that led Bender to co-create Lymenator for humans and Lymealyzer for pets.

“This is more or less like an early warning system where people remove the tick, test the tick, and if it’s positive it doesn’t mean they have Lyme, but they have potentially been exposed to the bacteria and are at risk,” said Bender.

A YouTube video shows how it works. You take a tick with tweezers, drop it into the tube provided. Shake the tube a few times so it reacts with the chemicals and then you wait for results which will tell you whether or not the tick is carrying Lyme.

Ticks carrying Lyme have been found in all 67 Pensylvania counties and emergency physician Rory O’Neill with All Better Care in Mechanicsburg says Lyme disease is on the rise.

“Pennsylvania and New York are the two biggest states. We had almost 5,000 patients in 2014 who had documented Lyme disease,” said O’Neill. “This is the first time I’ve heard of it and if there is legitimacy to the test. It is something we could use here at All Better Care and in hospitals to quickly identify Lyme.”

Lymenator and Lymealyzer can be purchased through Amazon for $24.95. You will receive two tick tests in each kit.

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