Harrisburg home to be demolished

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Another home in Harrisburg will be torn down.

Crews plan to demolish 444 Crescent Street early next week.

Harrisburg Codes Enforcement Director David Patton says the rear of the building collapsed.

“It didn’t show any kind of outward signs that it was going to collapse,” Patton said. “It had been condemned, but it didn’t reveal anything that it would collapse.”

Valerie Gibbs lives a couple of doors away from the home.

“They need to tear it down,” she said. “Abandoned buildings make the rest of the properties look bad.”

“You shouldn’t have to look out your bedroom window and see garbage piled up,” she added.

“It’s about time they do stuff like that,” neighbor Willard Clayton said. “The blighted residences take away value from the ones that people live in.”

Before the demolition can begin, some steps must take place.

“We have to undergo certain supportive measures to protect the occupied property that adjoins the property, and once that’s accomplished then we’ll commence with the actual demolition of the property,” Patton said.


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