Chuck Rhodes’ says goodbye on Good Day PA

Thursday, April 30 marked the end of an era for abc27 as, after more than four decades on your television screens, Chuck Rhodes said farewell and entered into retirement.

During abc27 news at noon, Rhodes was surprised when Dauphin County Commissioners declared it to be “Chuck Rhodes Day” in the county. Soon after, Rhodes joined Amy Kehm as co-host on Good Day PA.

4/30/15 Rhodes co-hosting Good Day PA
4/30/15 Rhodes co-hosting Good Day PA

Rhodes chatted with Good Day PA guests from Hollywood Casino, Chocolates by Tina Marie and Higashi Jewelry and Eyewear – all of whom wished him well. Chef Allan Rupert offered a champagne toast to Rhodes and his career.

As the show winded down, Rhodes discussed his career with Amy Kehm. He recalled joining the station in April 1973.

“April Fools Day of ’73,” said Rhodes. “Ah, jokes on them,” replied Kehm. “Yea. I stayed,” replied Rhodes.

Rhodes began at abc27 as a reporter, anchor, photographer and producer of the 11pm newscast. But just like the weather can do – things changed quickly. By his second week, a station manager needed someone to perform weather duties and called on Rhodes to do so. It was role that he stayed in for decades, despite not initially envisioning himself staying at the station for very long.

“I remember after a very hectic day, I said to a co-anchor, I said, ‘If I’m here in five years, please throw me out the window,’” Rhodes recalled.

Chuck looked back at old footage like a weather map on wheels, his Marysville back flip into a pool, cutting apart a weather board with a chainsaw and the time a chimpanzee took over the weather center. He shared his fondness for both the viewers and for his co-workers.

4/30/15 Rhodes co-hosting Good Day PA
4/30/15 Rhodes co-hosting Good Day PA

“I’ve met so many wonderful people, right in our own backyard. People that have done wonderful things and quirky people, war heroes, they’re all around us. And I’ve worked with greats, just terrific people,” said Rhodes. “Just this morning, going around, trying to keep focused and moving forward because if I don’t, I’m going to stop to cry.”

Good Day PA then surprised Rhodes by revealing a party tent sent up in the parking lot – full of co-workers and his family members ready to celebrate the day with him.

From there, Rhodes and Kehm closed the show outside with the group. You can watch that video here: Chuck’s Good Day PA goodbye.

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