Baltimore calls on Midstate for help

A line was drawn on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Baltimore between protesters and police outfitted with riot gear.

“It’s been total chaos, craziness and worry,” said Nicole Brant of Baltimore.

To try and avoid another night of looting and destruction, Baltimore called in help from the Midstate; something Brant, a York County native who now resides in Baltimore, never thought would happen.

“It’s become so massive the state can’t even handle itself and they are calling on Pennsylvania and reaching out to other states,” said Brent.

“Baltimore reached out directly to Dauphin County CRT team last night and requested the Bearcat to deploy to Baltimore,” said Steve Libhart with Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency.

Members from the Dauphin County Crisis Response Team responded in their armored truck.

“The armored vehicle is very helpful in riot situations, in terms of safely transporting officers there to help. As you have seen, in addition to looting, bricks and debris have been thrown at multiple officers in riot gear. This is another tool,” said Libhart.

In addition, state police and fire units from the Midstate are ready go to at a moment’s notice.

“We are cleaning up an aftermath,” said Kelly Bigelow of Baltimore.

There’s rioters and protesters and then there are those who are making an effort to clean up the mess left behind.

“We are trying to clean up a city that’s imploded on itself,” said Bigelow.

“Our goal is basically to come together clean up our community and rebuild,” said Annette Isaac of Baltimore.

A curfew will be put into effect Tuesday night in Baltimore. Officials want everyone off the streets by 10 p.m.

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