Local climbers react to devastating earthquake in Nepal

The death toll in Nepal is rising after a massive earthquake. The 7.8 magnitude quake hit near the capital city of Kathmandu on Saturday.

Some Midstaters are watching closely to what is happening there.

Rick Rovegno took five Shippensburg University students to Nepal to trek the Himalayas last fall. Their guide was Nepal native, Tendi. He and his family live in Kathmandu.

“I have not heard form Tendi directly but through a mutual acquaintance on Facebook,” Rovegno said. “I did get a posting that Tendi is on Everest and he was safe after the initial avalanche.”

Rovegno says the family is safe, but the town is devastated.

Karen Balaban was in Kathmandu 14 years ago to climb Mount Everest. She says she spent several days in Kathmandu.

“I just knew it had to be bad,” she said. “Just from my observation it was clear to me that they could not withstand an earthquake.”

“Several of the great ancient buildings and temples came down and were destroyed,” Rovegno said. “It’s a world heritage, so the world has lost in this tragedy.”

Mennonite Central Committee in Lancaster County is accepting financial donations to help the people of Nepal. For more information, go Mennonite Central Committee’s website at mcc.org.

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