‘Glass is not trash, mayor’: National glass industry responds

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The national glass industry has asked Mayor Eric Papenfuse to rethink his “Glass is Trash, Paper is Gold” recycling program.

Seeing “Glass is Trash” as a quote from Papenfuse shocked Lynn Bragg, who is the president of the Glass Packaging Institute. Bragg said she was “disappointed” to read ABC27’s article regarding the city’s new recycling program, which requires residents to discard glass or recycle it themselves to various drop-off locations.

“Saying that “Glass is Trash” and should be landfilled as opposed to being recycled, yes, it’s disappointing and it is very concerning,” Bragg said.

Bragg said she wrote a letter to Papenfuse on Friday. She said the letter is intended to enlighten the mayor on the importance of glass manufacturing in Pennsylvania, which boasts three major plants and represents 650 jobs.

“We wanted to remind him that glass manufacturing is local to Pennsylvania,” she said, “that glass should really never be viewed as trash. I’d very happy to speak with the mayor and to invite him to visit a glass plant.”

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