Tim Tebow signing inspires local athlete

Tim Tebow was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles this week. There is still a debate on if he will play quarterback, or switch to another position. 11-year-old Deven Jackson thinks Tebow can become the Eagles number one quarterback. Deven met Tebow last year during a segment of Good Morning America in Perry County. Deven is a double-amputee. He lost both legs after a bout with Bacterial Meningitis and he plays football on a pair of blades.

Tebow addressed Devon’s team, and told the players to never give up and ignore people who say that you are not good enough.  Deven says meeting Tim Tebow was an experience that he will never forget and he hopes that he gets a fair shot at making the team. “He is like a running quarterback,” said Jackson, “That is how he took denver to the playoffs and he has improved at throwing the ball.”

Deven says if Tebow does not make the final roster, he will be proud of him because he was brave enough to give it his best effort, despite all the critics who said he could not play at the NFL level.


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