Police adding cameras to Carlisle streets

By the end of spring, you can expect to see more cameras on Carlisle streets.

“I think that hardly a day goes by now that we don’t see video footage from some incident across the country,” Carlisle Borough Police Chief Stephen Margeson said. “Although we sometimes end up having to see some negative incidents that are captured, it’s good in that they oftentimes allow us to solve a crime.”

Margeson says the cameras have also helped prevent crime, since people know there are several of them around town. He gave many examples of situations in which the street cameras have helped provide car license plates, identifying features of criminals, and context for traffic situations.

That’s why Margeson plans to add four new devices to the already-existing fleet of 16 street cameras. They will go in areas that have heavy foot and vehicle traffic, like the alley behind Bosler Memorial Library, Herberlig-Palmer Park, and La Tort Park.

“I think that would be very beneficial,” Nancy DePreta said. She says she volunteers for various community events held at Herberlig-Palmer Park.

“Since it is a playground for children and also for the people coming, I think it would give them a sense of security,” DePreta added.

Police say the cameras are mostly purchased with grant money. They tell abc27 they cost three to four thousand dollars apiece because they are high-quality. The cameras can zoom, turn up to 360 degrees, and give police information when responding to live situations. For example, when there is a crash on I-81 and traffic starts to move through and back up Carlisle streets, police say they can look at the cameras and determine if and how many people they should send to help control the situation.

Chief Margeson says his goal is to have the cameras installed within the next month.



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