Dog recovering after being left for dead with stab wounds

A kind canine is recovering after animal officials said the dog was stabbed twice and left for dead in a wooded area in Lancaster County.

The female Boxer mix, believed to be between one and three-years-old,  was found by a good Samaritan in a wooded area, near Brickerville Sunday evening, according to the Lancaster County SPCA.

Animal officials say the person saw four men go into the woods with the dog, and then leave without it.

“It was definitely done in a malicious manner to kill her because they are right beside where her heart would have been,” Jennifer Nields, operations manager with the Lancaster County SPCA, said.

The dog, which has since been named Daisy, was found in a ditch with deep stab wounds.

Daisy had to undergo surgery. The friendly, obedient dog was recovering Wednesday night with drainage tubes in her side.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking, and heart-wrenching to know that somebody would do this,” Nields said.

Daisy is being closely monitored by the SPCA staff and is on multiple medications, including pain medications. She could be up for adoption in about a month.

Those with the Lancaster County SPCA said whoever did this tried to slaughter the dog, and that her wounds are not defensive wounds. They believe Daisy would not attack anyone.

“She’s got a golden heart and to think that anybody could just leave her to die is terrible,” Nields said. “I really hope that we do find these people. That way we can get justice for Daisy and find her a home she truly deserves with people who are going to love her unconditionally.”

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Lancaster County SPCA at (717) 917-6979. Or you can contact the Organization for the Responsible Care of Animals. Its 24-hour hotline is (717)-397-8922.

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