Street Survival school for teen drivers

Getting behind the wheel of a car can be the first taste of freedom for a teenager.

“I think its fun. I am excited to get my license,” said Logan Mooney of Camp Hill.

While 16-year-old Logan is excited, it brings different feelings for her mom. “I remember how exciting it was as a teenager, but as a parent you are just obviously very concerned about their safety,” said Kristin Mooney.

Logan’s high school only offers driver’s ed in the classroom so her mom signed her up for a class called Street Survival. Organized by Nittany Bimmers BMW CCA, the class puts students in real life situations.

“We will put them in situations where they are going to lose control of their car. Each student will have an instructor in the passenger seat to coach them and tell him exactly what they should be doing and give them the lessons they need to be able to control their vehicle,” said Ken Trayer, class organizer, Nittany Bimmers BMW Club of North America.

Each year in the United States about 3,000 teens die in car crashes.

“That is basically because teens do not have the experience to know how to deal with situations that they are going to encounter,” said Trayer.

The street survival course is only held in the Midstate once a year, but the experience can last a lifetime

“I think it is really going to be helpful with all the skidding and breaking. Those are things I am not going to get with my parents and it is something I want to know how to do,” said Logan Mooney.

“I have had many parents and students come back to me and say ‘What you taught us saved my life’,” said Trayer.

The Street Survival school will be held at Sun Motors on the Carlisle Pike Saturday May 2nd. The cost is $75 a student.

You can sign up here:

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