Midstate hospice now provides pediatric care

A Midstate hospice offers a program that’s new to this area. Homeland Hospice now offers Pediatric Care.

Catherine Morefield is the Pediatric Development Coordinator at the hospice. She says she wanted to be part of the program because of her late daughter. Catherine says, “I had a daughter 22 years ago, she died before her second birthday, she had complex heart disease.”

The Pediatric program began at Homeland Hospice in March.

Catherine explains, “We’ve developed a program that incorporates a group of nurses that are all trained in pediatric palliative care and hospice and our team focuses on the child and the family.”

Catherine says there’s a big difference between adult and pediatric hospice care. Unlike Adult Hospice Care, Pediatric Care allows for all of the child’s health care providers to work together.

A difference defined in the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act.

Catherine says, “With adult hospice we don’t have concurrent care and with children they’re able to participate with concurrent care so they can keep their physicians that they are currently working with as well as having our services available to them.”

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